2019 WARM Envelope Challenge

Welcome to the WARM Envelope Fundraiser!
This fundraiser is all about the numbers.   Choose a number (or numbers) that is important or meaningful to YOU.  Have kids aged 23, 26 and 32?  Pick those numbers. Married for 30 years?  There you go. Married in 1990?  Pick 19 and 90. Lost 75 pounds?  That’s your number.


If the envelope is claimed, chose multiple envelopes that equal the amount you feel led to give or raise. Example: If you know you want to give or raise $100, you could choose many different envelope combinations to equal the sum of 100.


Looking at the big numbers?   Maybe you can get your small group to go together to donate or your dinner group, your Sunday School class, or your bowling team. How about getting your family together to have a bake sale & donate? There’s no wrong way to do this.


AND THE MAIN NUMBER?   $25,200 will be raised for WARM if every envelope is claimed.  Money to help the homeless in our area.
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