More Detail June 7, 2019

WARM hosted its annual Drive Out Homelessness Charity Golf Tournament on June 7, 2019. WARM provides support, temporary shelter or housing and community development for homeless adults and families in Waynesboro & Augusta County, Virginia through the WARM Cold Weather Shelter, Ruth's WARM House and community outreach. Proceeds of this tournament help fund successful programs including: shelter & support to 118 homeless adults during our 18-week winter season (2017-2018); 68% of winter guests were homeless seniors, veterans or reported disabilities; 2,289 shelter beds and 6,865 free meal were provided during the winter; 20 homeless families with 41 children were provided shelter & support (2018); and 15, or 75% of those families transitioned into stability or were still receiving services at year end. Millpond Farm Photography took wonderful photos of the tournament (rain & all) and you can see their post about it here.   They donated their time & service, and