Not sure where you fit in? That’s OK. See a variety of options for serving below.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

We have an array of volunteer options for you to choose from.

Please let us know which areas you may be able to help in by completing a volunteer registration form. Each form allows you to check the areas that you’re interested in and how often you would like to volunteer.

There’s a place for you to help whether it’s volunteering one time, monthly, or more regularly!

Please note: background checks are required for some volunteer positions.

Volunteer Application

Paper Application

If you don’t want to apply online, you can stop by the WARM Office at 1035 Fairfax Avenue to pick up a paper application. Please call the administrative coordinator at 540-324-8166 to arrange a contactless pick-up.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

  • Female mentors are needed for mothers who reside at Ruth’s WARM House for Women with Children.
  • Teachers (licensed) and tutors to work with WARM’s Kids (preschool through high school)
  • Professional/Direct Services Volunteers with homeless services, mental health, education, self sufficiency, women’s empowerment programs, and children programs are always welcomed at WARM.
  • Skilled Clerical/Office Volunteers are needed on a regular basis.
  • Fundraising/Special Events Volunteers are needed throughout the year.
  • Carpenters are needed for a variety of house projects during the Spring each year.
  • Transportation Providers for mothers at Ruth’s WARM House (case plan related activities only).
  • Overnight Volunteers are needed for each WARM Cold Weather (Thermal) Shelter season.
  • Evening WARM Cold Weather (Thermal) Shelter Volunteers are always welcomed to sign up to help host churches, WARM’s staff, and to come “love on” our guests!
  • Backup overnight volunteers and van drivers are needed for each WARM Cold Weather (Thermal) Shelter Season.

Basic Requirements for Volunteers

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older; willing to support (or not object to) WARM’s Christ-centered approach to services; & have the heart to help the homeless.
  • Volunteers must be in an appropriate physical, mental, and emotional state to interact with guests and/or monitor the shelter sites. WARM’s staff and/or Church Volunteer Coordinators, or their designee, oversee and guide volunteers in advance or during their time of service to ensure an understanding of WARM’s shelter policies and operation.
  • Volunteers at Ruth’s WARM House receive training and orientation from experienced staff and volunteers at the Cold Weather Shelter receive guidance and instruction from the Shelter Manager, trained volunteers, and/or Church Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Ruth’s WARM House, volunteer times vary depending on the specific volunteer role.
  • For the Cold Weather Shelter, overnight volunteer hours of coverage are from 8:00p-7:00a (staying awake all night is not required- volunteers rotate sleeping hrs), evening volunteers typically help from 5:30p-8:30p, dinner volunteers prepare meals either onsite or offsite before serving at 6:30p, and lunch/breakfast volunteers time of service vary based on their choice of meal preparation and delivery plan.
  • For most volunteer roles, volunteers must be adults. However, we believe that we are called to train up children in the way that they should go, so they become the leaders of tomorrow. With that in mind, we take volunteer projects and opportunities for children into consideration by working with the parent, guardian, project leader, teacher, or another responsible adult party to ensure an appropriate fit for any children who desire to serve those in need.  Volunteer projects for children at Ruth’s WARM House may vary while opportunities for children to serve in the Cold Weather Shelter are limited to monitored activities such as meals and assisting adult volunteers during the daytime or evening hours. Children are not allowed to volunteer in any WARM program without the consent and physical presence of their parent/guardian or their designated responsible party.
  • All volunteers who work with children or work one-on-one with residents/guests must not have any barrier crimes, other habitual negative offenses in the last 3 years, and pass a criminal background and sex offender registry check to be approved for volunteering. All transportation volunteers must have a valid Virginia driver’s license, proper insurance, and valid vehicle registration if using their personal vehicle.