More Detail February 12, 2021

We work hard to show God's love to the folks we work with. Above all our first concern, is to always treat the folks we help as human beings.  We show them respect, care and hold them in high regard.  We treat them like our parents, our siblings or . . . our children.  In essence, the way we'd want our family treated.   Because of this, you don't hear about a lot we do.  There's a LOT we don't talk about in the name of showing respect.  A lot we don't show on social media.  We respect the privacy of those we help.  If we do share something, it's with full permission from the person involved. I do tell stories occasionally and post pictures where you don't see faces.   But there's so much more. Another kind of love is the care and concern Debra (our Executive Director) and Rob (our

More Detail June 29, 2020

Angie Engleman, a long-time "house mother" to the women we serve at Ruth Van Cleve Anderson's WARM House recently retired.   While we couldn't throw her the party she deserved due to COVID regulations, WARM's Board of Directors Chair, Brian Edwards, together with Executive Director, Debra Freeman-Belle, and Program Director, Beverly Robinson gave her a bouquet and shared words and memories with her on her last day.   Angie moved into Ruth's WARM House as part of the re-opening plan in 2015. While Angie was at Ruth's WARM House, her duties were varied and included things such as processing donations, making house meal plans, transporting residents to appointments, preparing rooms for residency, coaching residents to improve cooking, home-keeping, and childcare skills.   She always had an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on for our house residents.  

More Detail July 21, 2019

Ruth's Warm House is much like any home, it needs yard and garden work done on a regular basis, so our Executive Director (and her sons) to the rescue. It was HOT.